Manawatu Rural Support Service (MRSS) originated out of the ‘user pays era’ of the 1980s, when rural areas were being divested of services and community connectedness was fragile.

In 1989, Sister Mary Dunn began travelling around the Northern Manawatu, Rangitikei and Waiouru areas visiting farmers and isolated residents in the areas. Following her retirement, Manawatu Rural Support Service Inc. (MRSS) was established at its inaugural meeting held on 26th January 1994 and has continued its service with the same vision as instituted by Sister Mary Dunn.

MRSS was incorporated on 29th March 2002 (WN/1198678) and registered with the Charity Commission on 31st October 2007 (CC 11462). Manawatu Rural support is governed under the MRSS Rules of Society.