Our Services

As well as focusing on visiting families our RCWs respond to referrals from a variety of sources and also …

  • provide advocacy – for anyone living in the rural community
  • participate in community events
  • support community initiatives
  • participate in research when appropriate, such as with Massey University
  • refer clients to services provided by Manchester House Social Services – Counselling, Budgeting, Social Work
  • keep up to date with Civil Defence event procedures
  • attend events at rural schools where most families are there to support their children e.g. sports days
  • are present on social media and hard copy media e.g. local newsletters and community noticeboards
  • attend events such as the Super Senior Expo in Feilding – a good way to connect with the community and receive referrals for services
First meeting to form Kimbolton PlayCentre

First meeting to form Kimbolton PlayCentre


We initiate and provide workshops on request for a range of topics including some of the following:

  • Alzheimers/Age Concern/Independent Ageing
  • Brainwaves – brain development for 0-3 years
  • CD response and recovery – MDC and other welfare group member organisations
  • Cooking on a Budget classes – SuperGrans
  • Health & Safety workshops with Beef+Lamb NZ and Work Safe
  • Men’s Shed
  • Mindfulness
  • Online for Nine
  • Plunket
  • Positive Parenting Programmes (Triple P)
  • Pride in our Land campaign with Manawatu District Council and the Ministry of Primary Industries during the 2020 drought recovery and Covid 19 period
  • Sleep workshop – Kauri Health
  • St John – First Aid course for parents of preschoolers
  • Welcome to new families – KimboltonCommunity Committee
  • Wills/Power of Attorney/Undertaker presentation
Online for Nine – a fun day preparing for High School

Online for Nine

Collaboration with public and private sector

MRSS RCWs collaborate with other NGO’s, Government organisations, Oranga Tamariki, Manawatu District Council, Feilding & District Promotion, Ministry of Primary Industries, Manawatu-Rangitikei Rural Support Trust, health groups, community groups, schools and more …