Landing Our Future

Manawatu Rural Support Service Strategic Plan (2023-2028)


“Be so successful as a rural wellbeing service that our model of delivery is admired locally and desired nationally.”


“Through collaboration and connection, our team will boldly lead a hybrid of quality services that nourish and empower our rural communities.”


  • Integrity – We do what we say, when we say.
  • Respect – We treat people as people, listening to hear and valuing differing perspectives.
  • Adaptability – We strive to be the best we can. Expect us to move with the times and needs of our communities and be innovative.
  • Courage – We are bold and chase opportunities.


Our Connections

Manawatu Rural Support Service will:

  • Better engage rural communities whilst improving our visibility and value
  • Build and nourish genuine long-term strategic relationships
  • Reach out to new partners, funders, advocates and volunteers
  • Lead every rural engagement with empathy and opportunity
  • Grow, acknowledge and value all networks

Our Personality

Manawatu Rural Support Service will:

  • Develop a profile strategy to show our communities what we have achieved, what we offer, what we stand for and where to find us
  • Continue to progress our relocation to MRSS’s own headquarters or consider co-location opportunities
  • Recruit and nurture staff who are adaptable, empathetic and expert at delivering solutions
  • Embrace and shout about our future plans
  • Expand Board representation and practice good governance
  • Establish reputable Board succession planning
  • Regularly review governance policies to ensure they help our evolution as a modern, pro-active organisation
  • Provide professional development opportunities for Board and staff

Our Worth

Manawatu Rural Support Service will:

  • Grow and maintain a sustainable funding base
  • Allocate budget resource in the appropriate places to achieve our goals
  • Show a tangible return on community investment
  • Obtain third-party funding whenever and wherever possible
  • Seek sponsorship when appropriate
  • Improve funding and reporting procedures that provide robust information and give confidence to the organisation’s governance team and external funders

Our Services

Manawatu Rural Support Service will:

  • Attract events/programmes that spread the rural message and support our communities
  • Educate the wider community about the richness and benefits of rural connection and lifestyles
  • Ensure access to us is easy
  • Become better recognised as a rural leader across many sectors, including business, health and education
  • Review our goals annually against progress and relevance
  • Ensure Manawatu District Council looks to us first for rural advice and guidance
  • Collect, analyse and use trends, research and data to constantly recalibrate, adapt and improve
  • Become a leading advocate for policy and legislative changes that deliver improved outcomes for rural communities

Our Technology

Manawatu Rural Support Service will:

  • Design and implement technological innovation internally and externally
  • Increase our relevant presence on social media
  • Ensure our database and website are always current and add value.